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Authentic Self Planners

Cedes Truth

Blithe of Prospect

Through thought-provoking prompts, This book inspires readers to take proactive and intentional steps towards designing the best version of themselves and creating a fulfilling future. 

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Cedes Truth

Blossomed Out

Through the metaphor of the orchid, this planner explores the process of becoming one’s most authentic and best self. encourages readers to infuse more light and love into themselves, others, and the natural environment.

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Cedes Truth


Through  individual perspectives and stories, readers are encouraged to develop compassion for others and recognize the ways in which we are all interconnected.

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Cedes Truth

Devise Space

Blends the power of emotions, thoughts, and actions to create a fulfilling life. It will guide you to discover your top values and align them with your goals. 

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