As a teenager, I remember looking up and glaring into the bright beams of the sun, the heat penetrating my forehead and my eyes straining for sight beyond my point of focus. Why was I so eager to discover the power behind my smile, the pep in my step, and the high pitch in my voice? The warmth of the sun illuminated my being and made me feel like I belonged, and at that moment, I knew I was part of something special that was beyond my senses but within my control. I was eager to put the pieces together and understand my connection with the Universe. I researched ancient wisdom, studied electrical energy, and watched the reactions and choices of others in different situations. I came to understand that a vibration resonates from all things in existence, immersed in the unknown waters of consciousness and revved up in the universal expression of love and happiness. This vibration is the energy behind our emotions and the prime mover of the particles and waves that support and animate all things.

Every morning I stretch and reach for the stars and proclaim, ” I am a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.” The fastest way to become the person I intend to be is to acknowledge the vibrational power within me. Proclaiming that I live in a Universe that is made up of the same essence as me, covers my being in invincibility and gives me a sense of freedom far past my imagination. I frequently ask myself three questions to get in alignment with the mysteries behind my vibratory self:

1.) What are the benefits of being identical in substance to the energy that encompasses all things and enlivens our world?
2.) How can I leverage the vibrational power within so that I may live a life full of purpose and happiness?
3.) What are the Universal Laws that govern us and how can I use these laws to my advantage?

These questions have inspired me to write down my top 7 benefits of living in a vibrational universe. Please comment below and share your benefits as well:)

1. Imagination
The Law of Vibration states that all things in the Universe, including our thoughts and feelings, are in constant motion and never at rest. Imagination is our thoughts in motion and the powerhouse behind our existence. We are literally an ocean in motion experiencing different water conditions. The depth of the ocean resembles your imagination and contains infinite possibilities. The intensity of the tides depends on our emotions, and the quality of our thoughts drive the current. When we are happy we vibrate on a higher frequency and experience high tides. When we feel sad, we vibrate on a lower frequency and experience low tides. When we consciously focus on the things that bring us joy, we can leverage the energy of the high tides and shape the world around us. There are no limits in a vibrational universe; the possibilities are endless.

2. Universal Support
When you’re driving down the highway with the window down, playing your favorite station on the radio, I want you to think about the power behind that signal. How did you tap into that signal? Your receiver has to be a vibrational match to the radio broadcast transmitter to hear that specific station. This concept is very similar to how the Law of Attraction works. The Law of Attraction coordinates and attracts thoughts, ideas, circumstances, and people who vibrate on the same or similar frequencies. Being vibrational allows us to control our lives and point the compass in the direction of our happiness just by being happy. You have the power to live a life full of vision and purpose just by caring about the way you feel and reaching for your highest excitement. When you radiate happiness, the Universe delivers happiness.

3. Transformation
Do you remember sitting in your science class in junior high listening to your teacher explain the law of conservation of energy? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. You can take any component of the Universe and modify it to your satisfaction just by applying your physical energy or changing your perception of it. We have the freedom to explore all things in an infinite universe and assign meaning to those things. Change is constant, and we continuously move and transform so that we may exist. Find time to focus on your surroundings and witness the changes that occur within all things. Trees are masters in transformation. Every year they lose their leaves, endure cold weather, and become the best version of themselves in the spring. Trees embrace transformation and use it as a powerful tool of regeneration. How does your transformation serve you?

4. New Beginnings
We spend most of our time throughout the day doing. We are driving to work, cooking meals, cleaning up, and taking care of our families. Sometimes we need to pause for a couple of minutes to stop doing and be present. The Universe operates in the present moment. When we think about the past or the future, we are doing it right now. Use the power of now to balance your thoughts, gain your strength, and start a fresh perspective. While present, focus on the things that bring you joy and start a new beginning. Train your Universe to deliver the desires of your heart by becoming that desire right now. In every moment we are born again and given the opportunity to start fresh regardless of our past or expectations of the future. There is always love, forgiveness, and peace in a vibrational universe.

5. Power of Choice
Throughout the day, we are presented with a plethora of choices. When you are vibrating in sadness, a shift in perception and attitude can put you closer to happiness. When you are thirsty, you can drink extremely hot or cold water, maybe something in between. When you fail, there is an opportunity to become successful. Based on the Law of Polarity, we live in a universe filled with duality and infinite possibilities. When we clean the windows of perception, we can see the freedom and spontaneity within every choice. The choices are there to enhance the experience, develop the self, and add zest to the imagination. So exercise your power of choice and choose the preferences that will lighten up your life. The Vibrational Universe unconditionally loves you, and the buffet of options exists for your joy.

6. Integration
I love attending outside events that have live bands. The beautiful harmony of the different instruments raises my vibration and encourages my body to dance to the rhythm. Instruments have many vibrations at different frequencies. When vibrations come together with the same intention, beautiful music is created. The Universe floods its diversity into all the expressions of life. When we understand that we are all connected and begin to leverage the power of integration, we can manifest a beautiful reality amplified with intention and passion. In a vibrational universe diversity is unity; compassion is king and Queen.

7. Proclamation
Growing up, my mother always told me that a woman that has no self-respect has nothing to give or receive from anyone. I never let anyone, including myself take the beautiful image of myself that I created in my mind. I BECOME UNSTOPPABLE when I say positive things about myself and what I intend to do. In college, I stumbled across a book by Masaru Emoto called, Messages from Water. In his work, he believed that vibrations could change the molecular structure of water. He would say positive and negative words to the water, and the waters geometric structures would vary depending on the emotional vibration of the words. I was fascinated with this information because water makes up more than 70% of the earth and our bodies. I now proclaim every day what I am regardless of the realistic conditions. I know that when I feel good and take the leap to honor myself, I am creating beautiful vibrational structures within me that will radiate out for the world to see. Isn’t it wonderful that we are vibrational beings?

For me, the bottom line is when you acknowledge that you live in a vibrational universe, you can design the world you wish to live in. You have the power to transform beyond your imagination just by changing your emotional stance and perception. So start planning your transformation just like the butterflies plan for their wings and be the outcome you desire to be.

Cedes Truth
Milk Happiness every chance you get:)